These are my plans for introducing google apps to older kids at REMS
try to make teams that include members from outside classroom...parents for webquest???
Web Quest for safety and ethics
NEED: guiding questions
What would be some good guiding questions for studying ethics and safety in using google technology?
What do you need to know about safety?
What do you need to know about ethics?

With Students, take inventory of verbs (skills students need to learn, practice and master pg 45 Teaching Digital Natives, Prensky) for google apps project
NEED: guiding questions
What do you need to do to be an efficient, safe user of google technology?

Get student feedback about making study unboring
NEED: guiding questions
What could we do mto make your learning about google apps more challenging and interesting?
What things relating to google apps do you do well that you would like to do more of?
What are some good experience that you have had other places that you think we could use here?
What would be some interesting guiding questions for google apps study?

Developing student as thinker--give examples and have students find on own
What makes some questions better than others?
What is critial thinking?
What is logic?
What are inductive and deductive reasoning?

student role/teacher role
pg 63 Prensky book

connect guiding questions to student passions pg Prensky book

NEW thoughts 9/12/11
create site with pg for each student
student use google docs initially for own research, share as they see fit and post to site