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Partnerships in Pedagogy
inspired by Marc Prensky

This Wiki is devoted to collaboration about partnering for real learning as written about by Marc Prensky in his book, Teaching Digital Natives; Partnering for Real Learning. I feel like in my school, an Expeditionary Learning Outward Bound school, we have taken baby or maybe toddler steps along this path, we do some of this...AND WE CAN DO MORE, hence the title of this Wiki. I'm not even sure a wiki is the right format. I guess we'll see.
What is this whole idea about? Changing project based learning to passion based learning, asking students socratic type questions and letting students search for answers, teacher as coach, and various levels of instructional expert. Students reachers--meaning finder, evaluator, synthesizer and presenter of information, technology expert, thinker, world changer, and self-teacher. That's what I know so far, as that is about as far as I've gotten in the book. I am compelled by the idea of a partnership.